CNA Training in Fayetteville, NC

CNA training in Fayetteville, NC. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) can be relatively easy. Conversely, it can be fairly strenuous and difficult. Certificates, licenses and degrees range from CNA training in Fayetteville, NC from a vocational or trade school, to a 4-year degree from a university. While most other industries are shrinking in this recession, job opportunities in the nursing field are continually – and seemingly endlessly – expanding. One of the main reasons is that as the “baby boomer” generation grows older, they require more and more medical care, with techniques that are still just now being explored by doctors and nurses. Nursing truly seems to be a recession-proof job and becoming a CNA is a great way to gain entry into this booming field. The role of a CNA nurse after taking CNA nursing classes in Fayetteville, NC is to provide assistance to an RN (Registered Nurse), as well as assist doctors and patients.

When you’re contemplating what the right CNA school in Fayetteville, NC for you is, you should first consider whether you want to attend class in person, or online. Contrary to popular belief, not all online classes are inferior. It really just depends on your personal schedule and how much time you have between your current job, responsibilities, other classes, etcetera. Many in person schools also provide certificates or degrees that are below the state and/or federal standards for CNA training. With that said, ensure that the school you’re looking at is accredited through either the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission or the Commission on Collegiate Nursing and Education. It’s also wise to conduct thorough research on the instructors at that school either online or by talking to students who have taken classes from a particular instructor. Find CNA training classes in Fayetteville, NC online.


Oxford House Sandlewood
5111 Spruce Dr
Fayetteville  NC  28304-2322

Magby Group Home 5
1450 Thelbert Dr
Fayetteville  NC  28301-3946

Lloyd & Assoc
6504 Bonnie Bell Ln
Fayetteville  NC  28314-0302

PO Box 9895
Fayetteville  NC  28311-9093

Save The Children-House-Refuge
PO Box 64721
Fayetteville  NC  28306-0721

Magby's Associates Inc
1448 Pamalee Dr
Fayetteville  NC  28303-3928

S & T We Care Inc
P.O. BOX 25112
Fayetteville  NC  28314-5001

Our House Inc
814 Hope Mills Rd
Fayetteville  NC  28304-2223

Open Arms Group Home

Fayetteville  NC  28301-0000

Magby Group Home 2
P.O. BOX 1202
Fayetteville  NC  28302-1202

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