Academic Writing

Academic writing has been a part of our lives ever since our teacher gave us writing projects in school. I could never forget my first book report in high school about Moby Dick. I have to finish the whole book and write a book report about it. Yes it did gave me a migraine but I was able to do a good job. My second book report was another classic novel, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, and this one I did a better job. College days came and academic writing became tougher and more serious, from essays, term papers to thesis and dissertations. My academic writing is a love and hate relationship, sometimes you cannot wait to write and explain your new and unique topics and sometimes you cannot write anything serious.

There is formal writing and there is informal writing. Academic writing, of course, falls in the category of formal writing. Types of academic writing are essays, reports, presentation and research papers. These are just some examples of academic writing. Usually academic writing should involve strong composition, good grammar and consistent writing style.

When you are going to do an academic writing be sure that you are consistent with everything from start to finish. Since it is formal writing, it should be in a formal tone and it always has to be in the third person point of view. Remember that you have to focus on the different sides and aspects of the issue and topic rather than your own opinion. Avoid slang languages, jargon and abbreviations so that everyone would understand your writing.

It is advisable that you begin your academic writing with a good plan approach. You can outline your composition first before delving in to the writing itself. You can also begin getting credible sources and research materials that you will definitely need during the course of your writing. Polish your grammar because most professors are meticulous with spellings, punctuations and good sentence construction. And lastly, whatever writing style you choose, whether it is MLA, APA or Chicago Writing Style, you have to stick with it from start to finish.

Academic writing is just like pitching in your best and serious work. You have to show that you really know what you are writing about but in a more formal tone. It is professional writing in a three piece suit.

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