Attending College Career Fair

Every college institutions hold college career fair once every school year. Soon to be college graduates are the ones who usually attend these career fairs. This is a great way for students to start networks with employers and see what jobs are available for them.

You can contact the school's career service department and ask for valuable information about the upcoming college career fair. You can ask about the date and the employers that are going to be at the fair.

There are career counselors at your school who can help students learn about the career opportunities that will be available at the career fair. You can plan out in advance the employers that you want to submit your resumes. You can also ask the counselor how you can approach and represent yourself with the major and important employers.

Having a good resume is very important when you want to get noticed by prospective employers. You can attend resume-building workshops in your school. Ask the career service department of your school for this workshop. With the tips that you have learned from the workshop, you can create a good resume that will show your skills and your education.

You should also practice the questions that you want to ask the employers. Usually the employers are the ones who ask the question but it is also better if you can ask them a few questions. This shows that you are really interested in working for them and the employers will see that you are serious and committed.

On the day of the career fair you should dress professionally and make sure your resume is error free. You can bring at least twenty copies of your resume to give to the employers.

You should already have a prepared answer for the first few questions of the employer. The usual questions would be to introduce yourself to them and tell them something about you. They may also want to know personal things and your strengths and weaknesses. Rehearse your answers at home so that you can give a polished answer. This preparation can set you apart from other applicants.

Do not forget to collect the business cards of the employers and call them up after a day or two. Upon calling, you can thank them for the opportunity and the meeting and tell them you are looking forward to discussing further career opportunities with their company.

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