Campus Jobs

Schools and colleges offer campus jobs for students who want to work and earn money while studying. There are many advantages to having a campus job. Students are given leniency with their schedule and they can easily schedule work around their classes. These campus jobs are also available even during summer breaks and winter breaks.

The first campus job that you can consider is the Campus Resident Adviser. The main task of a resident adviser is to assist and help students. If you have this job, you should be living in the school dorm or apartment. You are the one responsible for telling the students about the dorm policies and you report to the dorm directors. To be able to qualify for this job, you should have a good communication skill and problem solving skill. Full time resident advisers can earn up to $26,000 in one year.

If you are a bit of a bookworm, you can apply for a library assistant position. You may be surprised to find that librarians are always trying to find assistants in the library. The tasks and duties involved for being a library assistant includes scanning student library cards, arranging and cataloging books and collecting the fines for overdue books. You have to be good in research and you should be able to communicate well with students and with the librarians.

Another campus job you can try is being a food service worker. The tasks and duties for this job involves washing dishes, preparing food and setting up the food station. You should be able to work in shifts and you should follow food safety rules. If you are studying to become a dietitian, this campus job is just right for you.

If you are good at school and doing well in your academics, you can apply as a campus tutor. You can teach chemistry, calculus, economics and other subjects where students always struggle. To qualify for this job, you should have high grades and no failing marks.

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