Choosing a Topic for Your School Assignment

Choosing a topic for your school assignment such as essays and presentations can sometimes be tough and difficult. Different sources can give you ideas for your main topic. You can use magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, internet, television, radio and your life experiences as sources of your topic. Here are some hints and tips to make it easier for you to choose a particular topic in your assignment.

You can always write a lot of things about a certain topic if you are very interested in it. Look for topics that you really like and something that is worth writing.

The next thing you have to look for is to check if there are enough information that is available on the particular topic that you chose. However, you also have to be careful because some topics may provide too much information which also makes it harder and longer to write.

In case your main topic does not work, you should always have a back up topic in mind.

Here are some websites that can provide topics for your school assignments or projects. You can check out the Spinney Press which specializes on social issues and "Issues on Society" books. For hot topics on science and technology, you can go to the ProQuest website. If you want to concentrate on science, you can go to and find up to date topics.

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