Common Spelling Mistakes

Some people base the intelligence and knowledge of people from their grammar and spelling skills. This cannot be avoided especially if the mistake made is too embarrassing. Whether we like it or not, spelling and grammar is very important when our writing is being scrutinized by other people. You may be fond of writing blogs online which can be viewed by almost everyone. Knowing the common spelling mistakes is important so that you wouldn't commit it and you can avoid being embarrassed by other people.

One of the most common mistake is the use of "to" and "too." You have to know when to use each of these words appropriately. You should use "too" when you are referring to something that is in excess. The word "too" replaces the word "also." The word "to" is used when something is going to something else. An example of this is "I am going to school."

You have to know when to include the extra letter "O" on the word. One example is the word "lose." The word "lose" and "loose" sounds the same but they have completely different meanings. Interchanging them can change the context of your sentence. The word "lose" means something that has been lost and the word "loose" is something that is not too tight or fit.

Using an apostrophe can also be confusing and making a mistake with it can also change the context of your sentence. One example is the word "your" and "you're" which have different meanings. Apostrophes are used to join two words together or it can be used to remove one or more letters. Another word that you might commit a mistake is "their" and "they're."

If you want to be sure about your spelling, you can get someone to read your writing. You need someone to see the flaws and mistakes that you have made. You may not spot it yourself even if you re-checked it a couple of times.

Always have a dictionary ready in case you need to check the spelling of the word. You can also use the spell check for Microsoft Word or other word processor. You can prevent a lot of common spelling mistakes with the spelling checker.

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