Comparative Essay

Comparative essay will test your analytical skills and how you can compare two things in one essay by explaining their similarities and differences. Subjects which often give comparative essay works are history, literature and the arts. This is needed to hone the skills of critical thinking of the students.

You may have two items, two objects or two characters that you are going to compare in your essay. List down all the similarities of the two things or the two characters you are comparing. Now that you have listed down all their similarities, you can now begin with a separate list of their differences.

Your second objective is how you can organize and present the lists you have made on your essay. You can make subheadings on your essay so that you can distribute the similarities and differences all throughout your essay. With each subheading, you can compare and contrast the two objects or characters. Another style is to directly state that this subheading is for the similarities of the two and the next subheading is for their differences.

The conclusion should be based on what you have learned by comparing and contrasting the two objects or the two characters. Comparative essay is a good way to test the critical thinking of the students and how they analyze things based on similarities and differences.

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