Computer Basic Knowledge

For most of us, especially the younger generation, computer basic knowledge is a given thing that we take for granted. Kids as young as five years old can open laptops. They can read, write and play games on computers at school. I remember a few years ago when my uncle was still a beginner in using computers. He does not know how to open a file and when he saves a document he does not know where to retrieve it. This has got me thinking that computer basic knowledge is a very firm platform that everyone should learn because we are in an age where computers can be found almost anywhere. We rely on computers to communicate, to learn, to be entertained and it has been a part of our lives that we almost cannot imagine living in a world without them.

Computer basic knowledge consist of the parts of the computer, the operating system, file pathways, description of the hardware and software and how to turn the computer on and off. These are all important basic knowledge that everyone should know. You might be surprised to know that some people do not even know the dvd drive of the computer and one old woman even thought it was a coffee cup holder and she uses it to hold her coffee mug while writing an e-mail.

Having basic knowledge of the computer both on hardware and software is crucial especially if you are going to bring your computer to a repair shop or talking to a tech support on the phone. You can easily describe the problem and you can also understand what the computer repairman is talking about. This knowledge is also important if you are planning to buy a computer. You have to know the best operating system that you want for your computer and the hardware capability that is within your budget.

There are a lot of tips and guidelines about basic computer knowledge which you can search on the internet. These internet articles and videos would give you tutorials and tips on how to properly use your computer.

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