Conducting a Proper Research for Your Projects

Term papers, book reports and oral presentations all have one thing in common and that is you have to do research. Learning the proper way to research is important so that know how to keep everything organized. There are steps to follow which will make your research a lot easier for you. Remember that a good and extensive research can produce a high quality of work and eventually high grades for you. The first part of the research is the planning and gathering of your sources and research materials. The second part is outlining, taking notes and organizing the materials.

The first part is the planning and gathering of materials. If your teacher or professor assigned you a topic to research then you can already start your research from there. However, if you are given the choice to make your own topic, then you have to choose which topic you can work on.

You have to plan your research and make a list of all the things you already know and those information that you still need to research. If there are keywords and questions that you need to answer, you have to write it down.

Make a timeline of your project to keep your research organized. You do not want to your work to pile up and cram a few days before the submission of the project.

Visit your libraries often because this is the place for research. For your keywords, you can check the library card's catalog and computer catalog.

Find all the books, journals, encyclopaedia and other reading materials that is connected to your main topic. Find materials that will support your topic like maps, graphs, magazine articles, images and pictures.

The internet is full of information so you should also know how to find and search information in the web. The important thing is to document where you took all these information and write it down accurately.

Write down all the important phrases and paragraphs that you will find. If there are too many important information and it is too much to write, you can photocopy the book or the article.

It is also important to have a bibliography list. Every time you get a new material or source, write it down in your bibliography list.

If you think you have gathered enough materials, you can now outline every facts and organize them accordingly. Write it down in your own words to fully understand your source and material.

Those are the steps on how to conduct a proper academic research. Remember that you have to be thorough and extensive with your research and do not forget to document all your sources.

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