Creating a Narrative Paragraph

When you say narrative, it is just the same as telling a story. It is told from the point of view of the narrator or the storyteller. You can do a narrative paragraph either in the first person or the third person point of view. If you are writing a narrative paragraph, you have to make it clear and it helps if you can also be descriptive as you narrate.

Before you write, you have to decide the perspective that you choose for your paragraph. If you choose the first person perspective then you would have to use the pronoun "I" very often. This is what you call the first person narrative. The story is told from the perspective of the narrator. Remember that the story and the events that unfold in the story should be limited to what the narrator sees and feels. The third person perspective is narrating from a distance and it involves a third person. This kind of narrating use the third person pronoun like he, she, it, they and others.

In a first person narrative, you have to keep in mind that the story is coming from the perspective of the narrator. You have to establish the character of the narrator. Autobiographical story is one example of a narrative work where the narrator tells a story that has happened in his or her life.

The setting of your narrative paragraph is also very important. This is where your descriptive skill comes into play. Make your reader feel as if they are really seeing the place you are describing. If the setting is in the beach, let your readers feel the sea breeze on their skin and the sand between their toes. Describe the place through the eyes of the narrator.

You can be descriptive but not too descriptive. You can use as few words as possible without ruining the content of your story. The story has to move at a steady pace in order to make an effective narration.

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