Different Technology Used in Schools

In the 80′s and early 90′s, technology was just playing a minor role in schools but we can see today that universities and schools use different kinds of technologies to aid in teaching their students and facilitate in learning. Technology has become an important and vital part of our culture and this means that our children must be taught properly how to use these technologies.

Students are required to learn basic computer skills such as typing, documenting and using the internet. Schools have computer laboratory rooms where they teach the students how to use the computer. Schools may allow students to bring their own laptops for taking notes.

Teachers may use DVDs and digital cameras to clearly show in visual form their lessons to their students. Digital cameras may also be used by students in certain projects to record their activities. Projectors may be used so that everyone can watch the presentation made by the teacher or the students themselves.

Schools will also provide educational software in different kinds of subjects such as math, science, art, literature, music and so on. These software may evaluate the strong and weak points of the students and this knowledge can help the teacher on what areas to concentrate when teaching the lesson to his or her students.

There are also technologies used in school which helps those students who have certain disabilities. There are voice recognition technology software which can help students who are blind use the computers in school.

These are just some of the technologies that are being used in the schools today and this is just the beginning. The development of technology will continue in the future and there is no sign of stopping. It is necessary for the coming generations to know how to use these technologies properly.

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