Different Ways to Present a Report in School

Almost everyone knows how it is to report in front of the class. Reporting is a requirement for every student especially in High School and College. There are different ways that a report is presented in class. Most often the style of reporting depends on the preference of the teacher or the instructor. Reporting may be done simply by reading your work in front of the class, it can be done by power point presentation, it can be creative as an interactive presentation and so on. Here is an overview about the different kinds of reporting that you may encounter in school.

The most basic reporting is reading in front of the class. Your teacher may require you to read all of your report or a section of your report in front of the class. A good suggestion is to read the report as if you are having a conversation with the audience so you will not bore the class. If you are in college, you can read your report in a more scholarly tone. You have to know your audience and tailor your tone to your audience. It is also a good idea to practice reading your report at home before presenting it in class.

Another common form of report presentation in school is the power point presentation. This kind of reporting will require your organizational skill in outlining the major points and the sub categories of your report. Just use short phrases for your major points just like in your outline. Make sure that everything you are talking about in front of the class is supported and being shown in your power point presentation. The presentation may included key words, important phrases, images, graphs and charts.

Sometimes your teacher may give you a report where you have to be very creative. This report will involve a video presentation or a skit performance. You have to prepare dialogues, costumes and props for a skit performance or video presentation. You have to present your main idea of your report through dialogues or actions of the skit performance. For video presentation, you can film yourself talking about your report and acting out or demonstrating different points in your report. For example, your report may include an instruction on how to build a dog house. So you have to demonstrate in the video the different steps on how to build a dog house.

Another kind of reporting is the interactive style. This means that it will involve some kind of participation from your audience through the course of your reporting. This audience participation may come in the form of asking them questions, discussions or playing a game. If you are choosing a game for your audience you have to consider the kind of game that will suit the age bracket and the education level of your audience. However, make your games short so that you will not use up all your time just playing and you fail to discuss the important points of your report. Allot some time in discussing the major issues or the findings in your report.

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