E-Mail Etiquette

Sending e-mails is now one of the most popular form of sending a correspondence or communicating with someone else. There are still etiquette and rules to be observed and followed. This is important so that you can keep your email cordial and respectful.

You can make your email letter more personal by starting with a greeting and a few words of courtesy. Keep the tone casual and formal when writing your email. You can use a space in between paragraphs and write salutations when ending the email such as "Sincerely" or "Best Regards."

It is not a good idea to send files that are very large. Just send light attachments in your email so that the recipient would not have any inconveniences when opening your email and downloading the file. If you really have to send a file that is very large, you can ask the recipient in advance if he or she approves of this or if there is a better way of sending the file.

It is considered impolite to send and flood other people's email with messages that are irrelevant to them. These emails may be in the form of chain letters, jokes or irrelevant announcements that may be considered as spam or junk email. Before sending these kinds of email, you have to think first if that person would really appreciate your forwarded emails.

When sending emails to a number of recipients, you have to keep their email addresses private by using the bcc function. By placing the email addresses on the bcc field, you are hiding the recipients email addresses. When you want to forward an email that was sent to you, the sender's email address should be removed before clicking the send button.

Sometimes when we are writing emails, we use abbreviated words such as btw (by the way) or brb (be right back). We have to avoid using these words especially if we are writing a formal email. Remember that email is different from chatting and your recipient may not be able to understand those kinds of words. Emoticons and smileys should also be used sparingly.

Using basic etiquette on your email will make it look more professional and sincere. The next time you send an email to your professor, teacher or friends, you should observe proper e-mail etiquette.

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