Finding a Good Essay Topic

Essay writing can be easy if your teacher assigns a certain topic for you to write about. However, what if your teacher made the student find their own topic for an essay? How would you start finding your own essay topic? Here are some ideas and suggestions on how you can start your own interesting essay.

What topics are you interested in? Do you like sports? Maybe you have a particular interest in painting or dancing? It is better to look at those topics that hold your interest and things that you are passionate about.

You can narrow down your list of topics from things that you are passionate about to topics that you know a lot of. It would be very easy to write a topic that you already know. Ideas will flow and you can even write without researching since you already know a lot about the topic.

Try looking for topics that are not overused. This essay should hold the interest of the reader, especially your teacher. A boring topic will not get the attention of your teacher and you may receive an average grade for your effort.

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