Finding Information for Your Research

Completing a research paper involves a lot of work and one of these is getting credible sources of information. If your information sources are not reliable, your research will surely suffer. Here are some ways on how you can find credible and reliable information for your research paper.

Even in our era of the internet, books are still one of the most reliable source of information for a research paper. You can find books in the public library and in your school library. Choose books that have recently been published like three to five years ago. The problem with older books is that the information may be already outdated, especially if your topic is based on latest scientific discoveries, gadgets, machines and so on.

Magazines and journals is also a great source of information. The best way to choose a magazine is to select those that are written as professional publications. Magazines that were only recently published are much better. You can be sure that these magazines are reliable sources of information.

Another great source of information is the internet where you can find reliable information. However, the internet also has lots of websites that are not credible so you have to be careful when browsing for information. Always try to find out who wrote the articles and if it is being updated. A good website for credible information are the ones associated with professional organizations or universities. Blogs and personal websites are not really a good information source so avoid them.

Try to use an academic search engine when searching for information on the internet. Ask your library or school if they have a subscription for an academically based search engine. Using popular search engines like Google and Yahoo will yield different kinds of results and some of them are not credible or reliable.

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