Formal Writing

Another term for formal writing is academic writing. The main difference of formal writing is that it aims to convey ideas directly without using any indirect language forms. In other words, do not be conversational in style when you are writing a formal letter. In being conversational, the listener will still ask for clarifications or elaborations of the subject. Formal writing is not like that. It consist of meaningful sentences, paragraphs and arguments that are relevant to the main idea or the thesis. When the readers find it easy to read then you have constructed a good formal writing.

Always remember that in formal writing, the reader is only interested in your main idea and thesis. If you have other things or subjects to talk about then you can write it down on another report or paper. Stick to your topic and only include subjects and arguments related to the topic.

Avoid informal language. This means conversational type of writing is not allowed in formal writing. The key is to always use words that literally mean exactly what they say. Flowery and long adjectives and idioms should be avoided such as "crystal clear" "pretty convincing." Just use simple, precise and direct words to convey what you want to say.

You should use ambiguous words sparingly like this, these, it, his, they, etc. Always be clear with what you are saying. To avoid this, you have to review or reread your writing.

An organized and well presented formal writing is a good formal writing. The fonts you use should be clear with a reasonable margin. It is advisable also to just staple your paper. Bindings are only advisable for long reports.

These are just some of the main tips you can follow when constructing a formal writing. You can browse the internet for a complete guide on the do's and dont's of formal writing.

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