Good Communication Skills for Students

Students should have proper and good communication skills when talking not just with fellow students and classmates but most importantly with teachers, instructors and other school personnel. Good communication skill does not only rely on words and what is being said but it also shows in gestures, vocalization, pitch, tone, eye contact, posture and so on. You may notice that students who have high grades in class are quite good when communicating with their teachers.

When communicating or speaking with your professors and teachers, it is better if you set an appointment with them. This shows the professor that you are willing to take the extra effort in speaking with them in person.

Sometimes professors and teachers are very busy and they cannot find time to meet you in their office or faculty rooms. The best way to talk to them is to send an email. Good communication skill can also be seen through writing. Be courteous and formal when sending an email to your professor. Include a salutation or greeting on your email, followed by a short and concise text expressing your concern then the closing.

When talking with your professor, you have to be mindful of your actions. Certain gestures and even eye movements can show that you are not interested with what the professor is saying to you. You can show acknowledgment by nodding your head or smiling and always keep eye contact. Maintain a good posture and proper attitude, this also shows respect and good manners.

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