Harassment and Bullying in School

There is no place for harassment and bullying anywhere in school. If there is an incidence of one student harassing and bullying another student, it should be reported immediately to the proper school authorities. A school should provide a learning and working environment where every student, teachers and school employees are treated with respect.

If a student, teacher or any school staff makes you feel unwelcome and they are hurtful or offensive, you should never just put up with it. There are people who can help you with this problem and put a stop to harassment and bullying.

What can you do if you witness an incident involving bullying? Or if you are the one who is a victim of bullying and harassment? You can talk to the person and tell him or her that you want the hurtful behavior to stop. If the bullying continues, you can make a formal complaint to the proper school authorities. You can report the bullying to your teachers, counselors, principal and other authorities who can help you.

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