How to Write an Essay

Writing an essay is probably one of the most important thing a student should learn. It may look easy to write an essay but if you do not follow any steps then your writing may not be organized and the reader would have a hard time understanding your essay. Here are some tips on how to write a good and effective essay.

Before you start your essay, you should have a plan in your mind. Ask yourself what you want to convey to your readers? What are you really writing about? Break your writing into simple steps to make it a lot easier.

The first step is to decide on the topic of your essay. Write your main idea down and brainstorm on it. If a topic of the essay is not given and you have to decide for yourself then think of a particular topic that is of great interest to you. Write down everything that is related to the main idea or topic that you chose.

The next thing you should do is develop an outline for your essay. The idea is to write your topic sentence as a sub heading for every paragraph. Writing your essay in outline form makes it more organized and you can have a clear overview of the direction of your essay. After finishing your outline, review it and reread it again and decide if you are satisfied with the outline.

Begin writing your draft. Do not worry about committing any mistakes because this is just your essay draft. Your introductory paragraph should catch the attention of your reader and give an overview about the main content of your essay. Write the body of your essay showing arguments for and against your main idea. Write the draft of your conclusion which summarizes the content of your essay and restating the topic or main idea.

After finishing your draft, the next step is the proofreading of your work and making revisions if there is any. Check your grammars and punctuations. Read your work aloud and see if there are any mistakes or missing words.

The last step is of course writing the revised essay. After you have made all the revisions and checked your draft, the only thing left to do is finish your essay and publish it. Remember that you can always make your essay writing simple and easy by breaking it into small steps.

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