Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities for Students

Extra-curricular activities are also important in both physical and emotional development of the student. Schools encourage students to participate and join different clubs, sports and extra-curricular activities.

Students with extra-curricular activities can mention their accomplishments on their college applications. Some college counselors look for leadership qualities from students and most often this can be found in extra-curricular activities. If a student excels in any school activity, he or she can be awarded with a scholarship.

By joining extra-curricular activities, the school is encouraging the students to develop hobbies . These extra-curricular activities decreases stress and school violence.

Social skills can also be developed when students are a part of any extra-curricular activity. Different roles may be given to the students and some of them are leadership roles. Students will learn to communicate with other people and make new friends.

A study has been made and it was found that students who participate in extra-curricular activities perform better in school. They have higher grade average than students who are not a member or did not join any clubs or sports activities.

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