Improving Your Memorization Skill

Memorization is a skill that is sometimes hard to develop. Some people are good at memorizing but most of us have to read or view the contents several times before we memorize it. Sometimes we are frustrated because our brain couldn't seem to retain those information efficiently. The best way to start improving your memorization skill is to know what type of learner you fall into. Some people learn fast visually while others retain memory better by listening. Some can quickly memorize by using both visual and auditory. Find out what works for you and you can improve it.

When memorizing, try to visualize the words, the book or the lesson. If you are a visual learner, this is a very efficient way to improve your memorization skill. If you are trying to memorize a poem, you can visualize the words itself or visualize each stanza.

Another technique that you can use for memorization is by using association. Take note of the contents of what you are memorizing and associate it with other things that are easy to remember. Sometimes we recall things because it looks like something we are familiar with and we associate those two things together.

When memorizing a speech or for your class report, you can vocalize the words so that you can easily recall it. You not only see and visualize the material but you also hear it from your own voice. This is also a good technique for those people who can memorize quickly through hearing and listening.

To ensure that you have memorized your material, you can write it down or type it in your computer over and over again until you get it right. You can also say it out aloud while you are writing it down. This is sort of an exercise for all the senses, the visual and auditory. Studies have been conducted that this kind of exercise is proven to be effective for memorizing.

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