Improving Your Reading Comprehension

Whether you are a fast reader or a slow one, no matter how you read, the most important thing is you comprehend and understand what you are reading. This is very important especially if you are reading a novel or a research study and you need to understand it and make a report out of it. Reading without comprehension is meaningless because you are just reading the words and texts which has no sense to you. Here are some ways on how you can train yourself to improve your reading comprehension.

The first way to improve your reading comprehension is to look at the overview of the book or essay. Read the title and look at the contents. This will give you an idea on what the book or the piece is all about. Since you have a hint on what the writing is all about, you will have no difficulty in comprehending it.

Another good tip is to always think of the first sentence of the paragraphs as the main topic and the introduction. The following sentences would then be the details and the supporting ideas for the main topic. The last sentence would be the conclusion to the whole paragraph.

It is also a good idea to ask questions while you are reading. You can write down your specific questions and then answer them after you have finished reading.

If you like movies, then it would also be better if you try to imagine your reading material as a movie. Try to see what the characters look like and the setting of the story. It would be much fun and your mind would easily comprehend what you are reading by doing it this way.

Writing down key points and important parts in every page is also a good way to really comprehend what you are reading. If you read them again, you will be able to analyze all those important key words or sentences that you have highlighted.

Sometimes when we read, we encounter difficult words that we do not understand. Most often we just skip those words but sometimes they are key words that are not to be ignored. Make it a habit to look at the meaning of words that you do not understand. By doing this, you can easily understand the particular phrase or sentence and you also get to learn a new word.

With all these tips, you can somehow improve your reading comprehension and understand different writings better.

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