Introduction to Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office is probably the most widely used program for word processing, spreadsheet, database, publicity documents and presentation in school and in the office today. Wherever you go, you will always see Microsoft Office installed in every computer.

Microsoft Word for Word Processing – This is a program used to produce typed documents for letters, essays and reports. Writing becomes easy in Microsoft Word because it has a spell checker, thesaurus and grammar checker. You can insert pictures and images into your document. You can also incorporate graphs, tables, columns and diagrams for your projects and presentations.

Microsoft Excel for Spreadsheets – For tabulations of data or spreadsheets, we use Microsoft Excel. This program is applicable for financial statements and compilation of statistics. Excel also has an automatic calculation feature which involves formulas and it can do complex calculations. If you change an amount in your spreadsheet or financial statement, it will recalculate automatically and update itself. You can also produce graphs in Excel in different styles.

Microsoft Access for Databases – This is a database program which is used for creating inventories, lists, catalogues or registers. The program can generate report that extracts data from your database.

Microsoft Powerpoint for Presentations – This is a program that creates audio visual presentations and slides for meetings, seminars and project reporting in school. You can also be a little bit creative with the Powerpoint presentation by creating slides that has different visual effects and sound effects also.

Microsoft Publisher for Publications – This is a program that is used to produce documents for publication. You can make folded brochures, greeting cards, banners, flyers, booklets and newsletters.

So this is a brief overview of the different programs under Microsoft Office. The best way to familiarize yourself with these programs is to constantly use it.

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