Learning Styles of Students

It is important to know what type of learning style best suits you since this information can help you excel in your studies. Learning styles are categorized into three types which are the visual, auditory and the kinesthetic or tactile learning. Although some people can learn or absorb well with any of these styles, most individuals simply have a tendency to learn more on just one style. Let us take a look at all the three learning styles.

The first learning style is the visual learning. If you usually recall things through images and pictures or you can easily learn when you see things being written down, then you are a visual learner. You easily learn when the type of teaching involves a lot of visual aids such as pictures, video clips, charts and others.

The second style is the auditory learning. Students who quickly learn by listening are called auditory learners and they belong in this second style of learning. If you are an auditory learner, you absorb things easily during discussions, lectures and when you listen to lessons being read aloud. Auditory learners should have a study method that involves a lot of hearing and saying things aloud.

The third and the last learning style is the kinesthetic learning. With this style of learning, the individual effectively absorbs or learns if he or she is touching, feeling and experiencing that which he or she is trying to learn. There has to be physical manipulation in order for the person to effectively learn and remember.

It is quite easy to assess what style you belong to. If you are a visual learner then you have to adjust your study techniques in order to satisfy your learning style. On the part of the teachers and professors, they should be aware of these learning styles so that they can somehow incorporate all three styles into their teaching.

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