Learning to Relax Before Final Exams

It is normal for students to feel a bit nervous and tense before final exams. It is much better if you know how to relax and control yourself. The nervousness and tension may just give you additional stress and prevent you from thinking clearly during your exam.

Starting your study schedule a week or two before exams can help you to just relax more effectively. The final hour before the exam should be spent relaxing instead of cramming.

To reduce anxiety and stress before your final exam, you can breathe deeply. You can close your eyes and breathe in slowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Remember to keep your body relaxed when doing this and repeat the process until you feel calm. You can also do this when you are studying.

It also helps to visualize yourself in control and calm just before the exam. This visualization technique can help you reduce any anxiety and tension you feel as well as prepare you for the exam.

You have to get a full night's sleep before the exam. You do not want to feel drowsy on the day of your exam. Make sure you are well rested so that you can arrive early the next morning.

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