Maintaining the Interest of Your Audience During Oral Presentation

During an oral report or presentation in your school, it is always important that you maintain the interest of your audience towards you and what you are reporting. Most teachers and instructors award higher grades for those students who give a very engaging report and holds the interest of the rest of the class.

One of the things that will lose the interest of your audience quickly is if you read your entire report. Remember that this is an oral presentation, you can glance once in a while on your cue cards but never read it in front of your audience. Cue cards or scripts are helpful so that you won't forget anything so use it only when you need to. Try to visualize listening to an oral report that is just being read for several minutes, it can be really boring and you would lose interest quickly.

Here are the techniques so that you can hold the interest of your audience when you are doing an oral report:

  • You should vary the tone of your voice when you are presenting or reporting. A monotone voice is not very good to listen to. Without any changes in tone and pitch or without any feelings in your voice, this can either bore your audience or put them to sleep.
  • You should avoid speaking too quickly. It is also important that the audience understands every word you are saying. Talking too fast will make it harder for the audience to understand you and they may lose interest. The audience and your instructor may also get the impression that you are nervous or you just want to finish your report quickly.
  • You should connect with your audience by maintaining eye contact with them all the time. This is also a good strategy to keep their attention and interest to you.
  • Do not forget to smile at your audience. A face with no expression or a glum face is not good to look at. Smiling at the audience will easily put you and the audience at ease.
  • It is okay if you can walk around and move while doing your presentation but not too much because this may indicate that you are too nervous. If you choose to stay stationary, you should not slouch or lean on the wall and table.
  • Do not do anything that would cause your audience to be distracted. One example is chewing a gum while talking since this may distract your audience.

Those are the ways or strategies that you can follow so that you will maintain the interest and attention of your audience. Remember them next time you are in front of the class doing your oral presentation.

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