Managing Files in Your Computer

When using your computer, you might notice that your files are piling up and becoming somewhat disorganized. Your computer hard drive is like a book shelf, you have to organize the shelf so that you can easily find the book you are looking for. Here are some simple tips on how you can manage the files in your computer.

You don't even have to create your own folder for your files. Windows already has created folders to help you with the task of managing the files. You click on the start menu and select My Documents. This will bring up the created folders such as the My Pictures, My Videos and My Music among others. You can use these folders so you can store your video clips, your pictures and your MP3s. This also saves you the trouble of creating your own folder for these media types of files.

You don't have to place too many shortcut icons on your desktop. This makes your PC look cluttered and disorganized. Your programs can be easily found on the start menu which is just a few clicks away.

The Shared Documents means the files in that folder can be shared over the entire network. So be mindful of that and only put files in the Shared Documents folder that you want to share. All the users connected on the same network will be able to access the Shared Documents.

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