Online Tools for Learning

Online tools for learning are websites where students can visit to assist them or help them with their studies as well as their homework. Most of these websites are free and they are used by the students in putting up projects and presentations, communicate with your study group, teacher and classmates, compile bibliographies and revise theories for examinations. Here are some online tools according to their uses.

These first ones are based on creating online class resources:

We have MyNoteIT where you can share and store your notes as a class group or as an individual.

Class Connection is used for creating schedules, notes, calendars, online flashcards and message forums exclusive for your classes.

If you want your bookmarks in one place and share it with your classmates, you can visit

For Presentations and Projects, the following online tools can really help you out:

CamStudio and Free Screen Recorder will help you in capturing internet web pages if you are going to present a slide show.

PhotoStory is also a good website if you are going to present digital photos with sound effects or voice narration. will allow you to make presentations straight from the web.

If you are going to do a project involving diagrams, flowcharts and technical drawings then you have to visit will help you find the right format for your paper like ruled paper, graph paper and others.

You can also present your project in a portfolio by using the

For Essays and Writings, visit these websites:

Google Docs is the best way for creating a group report where every group member can access and change or edit the report.

Ottobib is a great online tool for easy bibliography generator of APA, MLA and other styles.

For creating correct style bibliographic citations for journals, books and websites go to Noodlebib Express.

These are just some of the online tools that can greatly help you and make your academic projects, assignments and studying much more easier and convenient.

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