Oral Presentation Skills

In order to deliver a good oral presentation, your delivery should be concise and direct to the point. The main parts of your presentation should include the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. Some people may be a natural speaker but it is also a learned skill.

When you are presenting an oral report there are several things you have to consider. You have to speak with a firm voice because how you speak is also as important as what you are saying. Your body language should project what you are really saying. Your appearance is also important so you have to dress appropriately with the occasion.

In every oral presentation, you have to prepare a few days before the presentation day itself. It is just like making a written report because you have to prepare a good and logical structure for what you are going to say. You can write a draft first about what you are going to present. If you find things that are irrelevant to the presentation then delete them immediately. A good advice is to use cue cards during your presentation. Your cue cards should have key words and key phrases so you would not forget anything. You can put numbers on your cue cards in case you drop them.

During the presentation, it is always recommended that you greet your audience and tell them who you are. Whatever your plan for your presentation, you should stick to it and do not say things that are not part of your draft. You might use up more time or you might run out of things to say and you do not want that to happen. If you still have remaining time after your presentation, you can ask the audience if they have questions.

As mentioned earlier, you should speak firmly and clearly but do not shout. The pace of your speaking should be normal, do not rush and do not speak slowly. If you want to emphasize an important point with the audience, you can deliberately pause on key points. Unless you are a professional stand up comedian, avoid jokes because these might be disastrous. Look at the audience but do not focus on one person. How you move in front of the audience is critical. Do not move or pace around too much because this can be unnerving for the audience. Always face the audience when you talk and do not face the display screen while you are talking.

To improve your presentation, a visual aid is necessary. Keep in mind that your visual aid must have relevance with what you are talking about. Just keep your visual presentation simple yet interesting.

The most important thing you have to do on your oral presentation is to enjoy what you are doing. The audience can sense that you are comfortable with the presentation and they will listen to what you have to say.

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