Planning Your Essay

In order to deliver and write a good essay, proper planning is needed. When you plan your essay, you can save a lot of time and effort in structuring and making sure your writing has a good flow to it.

The proper way to start and plan your essay is to read and understand your topic. If you do not understand the topic, do not hesitate to ask your teacher for clarifications. You cannot write an effective essay if you are not sure about your topic.

You can write down a list or plan paragraph by paragraph. You can also use a diagram to create a good plan. This is very effective if you are a visual learner. These lists or diagrams have to be clear and concise so that you can follow it when you are writing down your essay.

Choose your quotations and resources first before writing down your essay. It is not a good idea to stop during your essay writing just to look for your material resources.

A good introduction is crucial in an essay so it is always recommended to plan the first paragraph of your essay. Having an effective introduction is not complete without a compelling conclusion. Try to use a template to guide you through the different parts of your essay which is the introduction, body and conclusion.

Always check if you need additional research and reading regarding your topic. Lack of details in your essay may not give you that high grade you are expecting. It is better to find out that you still need more resources and information during the planning stage rather than in the actual essay writing.

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