Proper Step-by-Step Approach in Answering Exams

There are certain techniques and strategies that are being used by students when answering exams. Here is an effective way that students can follow when they are already starting their exams.


  • You can look through all the questions first before answering.
  • You can try to find out how much time you will spend on each questions in the exam.
  • It is always important that you understand each question of the exam.
  • You can start with the easiest questions because this can build up your confidence.
  • You should always try to answer all the questions. It is always the overall score that matters.
  • For multiple choice questions, if there is no penalty for incorrect answers, guessing the right answer can give you some points. Try to eliminate the choices that you think are wrong and choose between the remaining answers. The chances of getting the right answer increases.
  • You can use your summaries and trigger words as your easy guides to answering the questions. You can write down the trigger words and elaborate on them one by one.
  • It is always better not to spend too much time on one question. If you are short on time, you should answer the remaining questions.
  • If you finished the exam early, you can come back to it and reread the question again, especially the ones that you found difficult. You can check your answers if you are really satisfied with them. You can add relevant information in your answers or correct any errors.

These are the steps that every student can take into account when answering their final exams. As mentioned earlier, each students have their own strategies and techniques so this step by step technique is only a guide.

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