Proper Way to Give a PowerPoint Presentation

One of the most effective way of presenting your report in front of the class is by using a PowerPoint presentation. You can impress your teacher or instructor by making your powerpoint presentation a little bit interesting and engaging. This can get you additional points for effort and good presentation. Here are some tips on the proper way of doing a powerpoint presentation.

Break up the text on each slide with appropriate images and pictures. Uses graphics and pictures that should complement the texts. Remember that you do not want to overwhelm your slide with pictures and images.

The texts you will include in the report should be in bullet form if it is enumerated. You can also incorporate minimum use of text in your presentation. This means you should use short phrases instead of long sentences. Three to five lines of text is enough per slide.

It would make your powerpoint presentation interesting if you can include animations in your texts and graphics. For example, if your next slide is a text in bullet form, you can have each bullet phrase appear one at a time flying from different directions. Keep experimenting with your powerpoint to see other cool animation effects that you can use.

You have to avoid reading from the screen. You should at least face the majority of the audience when you speak. You can hold a copy of your presentation as a guide while you're speaking.

You can also incorporate music and small video clips in your presentation to make it more interesting. However, it would be wise to use the added features sparingly and only to enhance your presentation.

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