Proper Ways of Doing a Good Research

Researching skills for students are rarely taught at school. Most teachers assume that students know how to look for sources, books and information about their research topic. Of course it would be very easy to just go online and do your research in the internet. However, it is still better to cover many sources such as libraries that have valuable books which are not found online. Here are some tips on how students can gather, organize and use information so that they can easily do their research papers.

Once your teacher gives out your topic for your research paper, the first step is to schedule your research. Mark it down on your calendar so that you will not forget it. Give yourself a goal like having ten sources on that specific date and so on. The first trip to the library is usually an overview. This is where you will find and select relevant materials, take notes and start putting things together slowly. It would take another trip or two to fully get all the information that you need. So it is very important to schedule your research and act on it right away before you realize that there is no more time and your sources are not very sufficient for your research.

When you are researching online, a good site to start is Wikipedia. However, you should never cite Wikipedia on your research paper. You need the Wikipedia because it has many links and keywords that are related to your research topic. You can also follow their suggested resources to get more reliable information.

If you have found a good book for your topic, it is not only a good source of information for your research but it also has resources that you can try to look up. Get the bibliographies and write down the title of the book and the authors. The sources found on that book may be worth following up and finding in the library or online.

Your main thesis or your main topic should always be reflected on all parts of your research paper. So when you are making your research, it is recommended that you always have a topic research question in mind. This means that all the information that you are getting is relevant to your main thesis or topic. Sometimes students research too many background topics that it is not really necessary for the research.

To organize your research, tackle each subject first before handling them all at the same time. You will eventually find the connections between your subjects.

If your research is becoming too hard or too challenging for you, why not ask someone for help? The best person you can ask for help are the librarians since they have the most knowledge about the books in their library. Most librarians will gladly help you find the materials you are looking for so do not hesitate to ask them for help. Another person who can guide you is your teacher. Most teachers like being approached by their students to ask for guidance or help concerning their research papers.

Always look at the publication date of your source. The ideal materials of your research should come from the last ten years or so. Try to always bring it up to date.

So those are just some of the tips you can follow so you can be properly guided when researching.

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