Reading Journal Articles

When you are doing your research for your school paper, sometimes you would have to look for information on journal articles. These journal articles can give you lots of information on the field of your research. Here are some basic tips on how you can simplify reading your journal articles.

Look for the abstract at the top of the article and read it before reading the main body. The abstract is the summary of the journal article and it also consists of the background of the writer and the findings or conclusion of the article.

The next part that you should read is the literature review section. You need to read this so that you can comprehend any past studies related to the article. You can find lots of citations and sources on this section that can be helpful to you and your research.

The methods section of the journal should be reviewed. You have to know what methods are used by the author to come up with his or her conclusions and findings. Look at the methods and see if the conclusion is really credible.

After looking at the three sections, you have to review the conclusion. This section summarizes and embodies the whole piece of the journal article.

If you are not used to reading a journal article, you have to jot down notes while reading it. You can highlight the important terms and the conclusions that were made throughout the article.

You can reread the entire article again so that you can remember all the important information.

You can also look at the other works of the author to see his viewpoint and understand how he or she comes up with the conclusions. Journals always have a list of the other works of the author at the end of the article.

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