Reading to Improve Writing Skill

Reading and writing is always interrelated. If you like to read often, then your writing skills has a good chance of improving. By practicing one, you are also improving the other. Reading can help in improving your grammar and vocabulary skills. You can learn the correct grammars and use of the right vocabulary by reading books and newspapers. You can use the new words, phrases and expressions that you have seen in your reading materials into your own writing method.

Studies have also been conducted which proves that people who tend to read a lot are good writers. You will know the writing skill of a person by knowing his reading level, if he or she reads a lot of books and different reading materials.

The potential for being a good writer and a good reader starts in school. If the school has a very good program to encourage students to read different kinds of reading materials, then they are also honing the natural talents of the students to write.

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