Skimming Your Textbook

Some students may not have the time to read through the textbooks from cover to cover, that's why it is important that students learn to skim through the textbook. Here are some tips on how you can skim effectively your textbooks.

The first thing you should look at is the preface, table of contents and the introduction of your textbook. You should know what the textbook is all about. Skimming the table of contents is important so that you would know the content and the structure of each of the chapters of the textbook.

Each chapter of your textbook always have an overview and a summary. By reading the overview and the summary, you will get the main idea of what each chapter is all about. The most important keywords and points are given on the overview and summary.

When skimming the contents of each chapter, you should always be on the lookout for emphasized or highlighted words or phrases. This means that these words or phrases are important and should be noted. Usually the things that are highlighted include terms, people, definitions, charts and events.

Skimming may often mean doing short cuts but you still have to take a look at the points in your textbook that are hard to understand or comprehend. If you have a better understanding of the explanatory sentences in the textbook, you can have a good overview of the whole chapter or the main topics within the chapter.

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