Student Support Services

The student support service is either a tutorial service or a counseling service. These services may also include administrative and secretarial works. Tutorials and counseling are made on a one on one basis or in a group setting.

Let us take a look at the tutorial service of the school. They provide academic assistance to students who want their help. Tutors can also work with the teachers and counselors to report the progress of the student. If there are no students to assist, these tutors can also do other job functions in school such as administrative jobs. They may also report to the dean of the school or a project coordinator.

When it comes to providing information about career, personal, social and academic areas, this is the job for the counselors. The school counselors can use different ways to evaluate and advise students using counseling sessions, interviews and giving assessment tests. They can also work with different kinds of people involved in the school such as the school psychologist, social workers, medical staff, parents and teachers.

These student support services are aimed at improving both the academic and the social aspect of the students. Most students are encouraged to take advantage of these support services so that they can get better grades and do well in school.

Student Information

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