Study Skill in Relation with Time Management

Time management and a good study skill is definitely related. By having a good time management, you will definitely improve your study skill. If you have a good study skill, you will finish your studies early and have time for other activities. Thus, it is truly related to each other. If you do not have a good study skill, then you are consuming a lot of time studying. Time management will allow you to make good use of your time so that you can do other things like being with your friends or doing other school activities.

People who have good time management skills have one thing in common, they are all very organized. The first step so that you can start organizing things is by getting a planner. If you already have a planner, put your errands, appointments and to-do-lists in your planner. The next step is to prioritize which activities are important and should be done first. Usually time management will require you to choose from among your activities which one is more important than the other.

Effective studying is not measured by how long you have been studying. It is measured by the quality of time you spend studying. You have to put all the important dates such as your exams, quizzes, report deadlines and projects into your planner. It is also advisable to make a schedule of your study time.

Writing down your to-do-list is also a great way in making you less worried if you have forgotten anything that could be important. By writing it down, you are already committing to the task of doing that list. You will lower the chances of forgetting anything and you can think about other things instead of just thinking about your to-do-list constantly.

Learning to manage your time and studying effectively will eventually leave you more time for other extra curricular activities. You will have more time for other things and this will also leave you stress free.

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