Teaching Yourself to Read Faster

Reading faster can be beneficial for students especially at school where every subject only lasts for an hour or two and they have to read much faster to catch up with what the teacher is saying and reading. Reading much faster while remembering more can also give you much time for other school activities. Sometimes you don't have much time for reviewing so you have to read faster and understand it at the same time. It requires much practice to read fast while maintaining a high level of reading comprehension. Here are some ways on how you can teach yourself to read faster.

Constant practice by reading often can really hone your fast reading skill. So always remember that you have to read more books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and so forth.

You can avoid reading and speaking or moving your lips at the same time. Saying what you are reading makes for a slow reader. It is much faster if you read with your eyes only. You also have to avoid saying the words in your head, this also slows you down.

Notice that it is easier to read materials with much larger fonts. Sometimes the size of the font slows you down especially if the size is much too small and you have to stop several times just to make sure you are still reading the correct sentence. A reading material with a larger font is much better and faster to read.

You can increase the overall pace of your reading if you read the easier contents of a material much faster then you slow down when the contents become difficult and harder to understand.

You will also read much faster if you are completely focused on what you are reading. You will slow down if your attention is divided between your book and the television. So before reading, turn off everything that might distract you and just pay attention to your reading material.

You can also get a pen or point your finger on the text and start moving it so that your eyes will follow and read the words much faster. This may be hard for those who are not used to skimming or reading very fast so it will take a bit of practice for this.

You have to learn to read in phrases and not read word for word. If you read word for word you tend to stop a lot when you are reading and this causes you to slow down. Stopping while reading will also weaken your reading comprehension and you won't understand the context of the sentence or the paragraph.

Get a book or a novel that you have already finished reading before. Reading a book that you already know is also a good way to increase your pace in reading.

It is always a good idea to pay attention with what you are reading so you won't have to reread it again. Going back and rereading a certain phrase or sentence slows you down.

Some reading materials contain unimportant contents, a good idea is to skip those contents and just read the important ones. You are just wasting time and slowing down your reading rate if you read the unimportant parts of a reading material.

These are some of the ways by which you can learn to adjust and speed up your reading rate. This skill can really help you not just in school but also in your everyday life.

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