The Do's and Don'ts of Students Preparing a Presentation

There are things that you should take into account when preparing a presentation, there are things you should do and things that you should avoid doing. Let us enumerate first the things that you should do when preparing a presentation.

The Do's when preparing a presentation:

  • You have to be organized and have plenty of time to prepare.
  • You have to use lots of background research. You may need your additional background research for the questions of the audience. Since you know a lot of information, you would be very confident when doing your presentation.
  • It is important to structure your presentation.
  • You have to use a wide set of sources for your research.
  • You have to focus on the question set.
  • This is also important, you have to practice your presentation. Practice makes perfect because you can check your timing and you will no longer be embarrassed when it is for real.
  • You can use note cards.
  • Always speak fluently and clearly so that everyone will hear you.
  • Maintain eye contact with your audience.
  • You can use overhead transparencies for your visual aid.

The Don't when preparing a presentation:

  • Do not leave the research and your preparation for the last minute. This would be a terrible idea.
  • Never rely on one source only.
  • When you are speaking in front, do not mumble the words.
  • Do not get stuck in mid sentence and realize you don't have any note cards with you.
  • Do not speak fast as if you are rushing the presentation.
  • Do not exceed the time limit given to you by your instructor or teacher.

Those are the do's and don't when preparing a presentation in school. You should try and follow them so that you can have a good presentation. This is also a good way so that you would get noticed by your teacher.

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