The Importance of Formal Writing

Formal writing is still very important today and it is a must for every student to learn this writing skill. Even though we always use informal writing on our texts, online chatting and emails, we have to develop the formal style of writing because we need this when applying for a job, writing a report and other formal and business settings.

When writing for a college application or sending a job application letter, you will need to put it in formal writing. A good formal writing skill will give the reader a good impression about yourself. Your resume or application letter can show traces of good character, confidence and intelligence if it is well written and error free.

In the corporate world, the standard for written communication is formal or business writing. If you do not have the skill to write a good formal letter, then it would be very hard for you to communicate or present your ideas.

A well written report or business letter shows credibility and professionalism. A poorly written report will not be taken seriously by your boss or your business colleagues. Some companies see poor formal writing as a sign of incompetence from the employee.

Formal writing is also a way of showing your respect to the recipient of the letter or the email. If you write clearly, without any errors and well formatted, this shows that you really took the time and gave special attention to construct the letter.

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