The Job Description of the School Counselor

The school counselors are someone that students can turn to if they want to talk about their problems at school or they need advice on academic matters, personal matters and also the careers that the students want to pursue after studying. The school counselor is an integral part of the learning institution because they help mold the character of the students. The responsibilities of a school counselor can range from the career planning programs of the students to preventing violence in the school grounds.

The main role of the school counselor is to guide the students with their social and career development. These counselors can ask the help of the students, teachers and the parents regarding the programs that can be implemented for the proper guidance of the students on their way towards becoming an adult. The counselor can stick to the moral codes and educational philosophy that are implemented by the school and they can also implement guidance through the learning theories used by the school.

School Counselors can be found in any schools from elementary to high school. Counselors can have different levels of training depending on what year level they are handling.

They can administer career and aptitude testing for selected students. They can also make academic plan for the students using the student's goals and learning development. So a school counselor will do a lot of student assessment and testing throughout the school year.

If a student needs any assistance or counseling regarding academic issues or even personal issues, they can consult their school counselor for guidance.

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