The Structure of an Academic Report

As a student, you will have to do many written reports in most of your subjects. Writing a report is essential in the corporate world where your boss will ask you to make weekly or monthly reports. The school is the training ground for preparing the students in making quality written reports. This article will show you the correct structure of a written academic report.

The Title Page – This part of the report shows the report title followed by the author's name and the author's title. You can also see in the title page the organization or the person who requested the report and the date of completion.

Letter of Transmittal – This is shown as sort of a formal business letter that is addressed to the person who requested the report. This part can also show specific materials in your report that you want to be highlighted. You can also include acknowledgments on the assistance and compiling the report.

Table of Contents – This should show the contents from the summary through to appendices. Do not include the title page on the table of contents. The purpose of this part of the report is to identify the appropriate page number of each part.

Summary – This is the summary of your report. This should include the purpose of the report, the scope of the report, the research method, the results and findings of the report, the conclusions and recommendations all summarized.

Introduction – You should tell the reader what your report is about. You can also include any background information that is important to the report. You can also write what is to be covered and what is not.

Discussion – First and foremost, you have to present your information clearly. Remember to only present the facts. A good tip is to break your information into sections and sub-sections.

Conclusions – This part should outline the findings of your research. Go back to the original purpose of your research and base your conclusions there.

Recommendations – This is the part where the author will present his or her ideas on what is to be done, how it would be done and who will do it. Present the most important recommendations first.

Bibliography and Appendices – This is the part of the report that contains the supplementary materials that is too detailed for the body of the report. This part may include the charts, photos and tables.

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