Tips on How to Prepare for an Exam When Time is Limited

The other term for preparing for an exam in such a short time is cramming. Although this article does not promote cramming, sometimes it is inevitable that you have to study a day or two before the exam. Here are some tips you can follow so you can prepare and study effectively.

First thing you have to do is take out all the things that will distract and disturb you from your studying. Your study area should be peaceful, quiet and conducive to studying. Condition your mind and relax yourself before starting your study session.

Organize your study materials prioritizing the most important subjects and lessons first. Since you have limited time, review all the important lessons that you think will have greater weight on the exam. With an organized study material, your studying will be smoother and more effective.

Get the main ideas of the topic and take note of the important keywords in your lessons. List all the key notes and important points in your lessons. You do not have the luxury of reading every page of your lesson material so you have to go straight to the main ideas and meanings of every topic.

So you can remember the topics clearly, you can make an outline of the whole chapter or topic. Write it down in an outline form and list all the contents as subheadings. By doing this, you are enhancing your memory skill on the subject matter.

To polish things up and make sure you can really remember all the things you have studied, you can summarize all the major topics that you have already covered.

It is still important that you can sleep before your exam. You do not want to take your exams while you are focusing on being awake. Take a break to refresh your mind from all that studying. You can do a quick review minutes before the exam just to be sure you haven't forgotten anything.

The best approach is still studying a week before the exam. This is only an alternative if you were faced in the situation where you have to cram for your exam.

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