Tips to Improve Spelling Skills

Some people have the natural skill of being good at spelling but some of us are not really gifted in spelling. When we are writing reports, essays or letters, it is important to have the correct spelling of the words. You can use the dictionary, thesaurus or you can go online to check if you have the correct spelling. However, these tools are not always available when you need them. If you want to improve your spelling skills then you have to continue reading this article.

You can only learn to spell by writing and seeing. Hearing it is not the same because there are words that sound the same and have different spelling. You can practice your spelling skill by writing constantly and reading.

Do not be afraid to write what you think is the right spelling. Do not substitute an easier word because it might change the context of the sentence.

When you are writing, do not focus so much on the spelling. If you always stop to check the spelling in the dictionary, you will lose concentration and train of thought.

You have to prioritize your writing before the spelling. So it is a good idea to write a draft first so you can edit your writing and check the spellings.

Proofread your writing on your first draft and underline the parts of the word that are wrong. You can try out different spellings and then check if you got it right with the dictionary.

It would be helpful also if you can make a list of all the words you tend to misspell. Practice correcting those list of words until you get it right.

If you encounter a new word in your book, you can write it down in a flashcard and practice getting it correct. You can also do a spelling contest with your friend or classmate.

Some writing programs have a spellchecking feature. Microsoft Word has its own spell checker and it underlines any words that are misspelled. However, do not rely too much on the program because they make mistakes also.

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