Tips to Improve the Presentation Skill

In school and even in the work place, effective presentation of your report means a high grade or a possible promotion. This is why it is very important to hone your presentation skill so that you can really impress your audience. Some people are born to be public speakers but most of us still need to hone this skill. This is why this article is going to show you some tips on how to improve your presentation skill. Who knows, maybe the next presentation you make will impress a very important person in your school or work.

When you present a report, your audience will always expect that you know more about the topic than them. In other words, you should be the expert in the subject matter. The more you know about your report, the more you feel confident and comfortable  talking in front of a group of people. However, it is also a good idea if you do not spoon feed all the information to the audience. You can explain all the vital points but leave some information so that the audience can ask them afterward. You want your audience to participate on your presentation.

The presentation is actually very simple if you break it into three parts. The first part is the overview of the topic. It's like a brief introduction and an outline of what you are going to report or tell the audience. The second part is covering the meat of the topic or discussing the main topic thoroughly. The last part is the summary of what you presented and make your closing remarks memorable for the audience.

Make your presentation more interesting by presenting pictures and images rather than a constant barrage of outlines and bullets. The audience might get bored if they only see wordings and paragraphs all throughout your presentation.

Think of your presentation as a show and you are the lead actor. So you have to rehearse for your part in front of a group of people. Rehearsing your presentation is very helpful to get a better feel for the actual presentation. You can also find out what will work best and what do avoid during your presentation.

If you really want to be sure that your rehearsal is effective, you can practice in the room where you will make your actual presentation. You can do this by arriving at the venue or the room early and rehearse your presentation. You can also sit in the seats and pretend you are one of the audience so that you can familiarize yourself on where the best position is to walk around. Do not forget to test the equipments if they are all working properly. You do not want to be stressed at the last minute before your presentation.

Do not be stuck behind the projector or your laptop. Try walking around and engage the audience. This will show that you are approachable and the audience will be comfortable with your presentation. Speak with the audience and do not just read the bullets in the projector. Remember that the projectors are just a visual aid and it is not something for you to read constantly all throughout the presentation.

The last tip is to pace your presentation. This is important so that your presentation will flow smoothly and will not look hurried or a drag. At the end of your presentation you should allow your audience to ask you questions. You can also ask a few questions to the audience just to keep the audience engaged in your presentation.

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