Using a Dictionary

A dictionary is a very common book that we normally take for granted but there are so many uses and features for a dictionary. Here are all the features of a dictionary so you can take full advantage of this book the next time you use it.

If you want to know the explanation of the features of a dictionary, you can find them usually on the front or introduction part of the dictionary.

One feature of a dictionary is that you can learn the correct pronunciation of the words. This is useful especially for scientific words and unfamiliar words. If you are not sure how to read and pronounce these words, you can look them up in the dictionary.

You can also check the correct spelling of the word through the dictionary.

A dictionary can also be used if you want to know the synonym of the word. Of course it is not the same as the thesaurus but you can still look up the words that have the same meaning.

The dictionary also contains quotations and examples of use. This will help you to find the exact meaning that you are trying to find.

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