Using A Thesaurus

A thesaurus is a useful tool that you can use to search for synonyms and antonyms. Before the age of the internet, the thesaurus is a thick book just like a dictionary. Now you can access the thesaurus online or if you are using Microsoft Word then you can just access the tool menu and you will find the synonyms and antonyms of that particular word. There is even an e-book version of the thesaurus which you can purchase online.

When you want to express what you want to say in a variety of ways then you need a thesaurus. You can find deeper and more eloquent synonym of the word to make your sentence more professional, business like or sophisticated. If you are writing a technical paper and you want a more precise and accurate word then you need a thesaurus to guide you. It's the same thing if you are writing an informal essay or a creative piece and you want a more descriptive word. The thesaurus can give you alternative words that you can use to enhance your writing.

However, you should not overdo using the thesaurus because sometimes using deep and complicated words too much can have a negative impact on the reader. Your writing may even look and sound amateurish if you read it aloud. So it is advisable to use it sparingly and only if necessary.

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