Using Library Computers

Most libraries today have computers for public access or for people who are researching. These computers have internet access and word processing programs to make the research easier for students. For the people using these library computers, there are certain rules and guidelines they have to follow.

Libraries usually install sign-in systems on their computer for security purposes and to keep track of the users. For these computers, you may have to approach a librarian so that you can use the computer. You will also have to agree with certain rules and conditions before you can fully log in to the system.

Some libraries have time restrictions on the length of use of the computer. This kind of rule is implemented to give other students the chance to use the computer, especially if there are only a few computers available. The library computers may also have access limits which means only students and faculty members are allowed to use the computer.

If there are a lot of people waiting for their turn on the computer, the polite thing to do is to finish up with your research as quickly as possible to allow others their turn.

Library computers are for research purposes only. It may have internet access but there are still restrictions on what site you can visit.

Some libraries do not allow files and works to be saved on the computer's hard drive. It would be better to bring your own USB or disk so you can save your work.

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