Using Punctuation Marks Correctly

Punctuation marks are very common and it is used everyday whenever we write anything. They are the use of standard marks and signs in writing to separate words into phrases, clauses and sentence to make the meaning more clear. These punctuation marks are also signals to the reader to change their tone or to pause in order to put meaning or emphasis to sentence or phrase. When you are talking you can change the tone of your voice, you can pause in mid sentence to put emphasis on something or you can pitch your voice higher at the end of the sentence to ask a question. In writing you cannot do that, so we use punctuation marks.

Some people are still having difficulty in using punctuation marks.Other punctuation marks are also very complex. This article will show you some of the most common punctuation marks we usually encounter in writing and its correct usage.

Period – This is the most common punctuation mark that we use. This is the first punctuation mark we learned at school and we all know that it is used to mark the end of a sentence. It is also used to end an abbreviation like "Mr. or Mrs."

Question Mark – We use question marks at the end of an interrogative sentence. This punctuation mark is to show that something is uncertain.

Comma – A comma is used in several ways. It is used to separate three or more items in a series. An example of this is "We are going to meet every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday." It is also used to separate independent clauses in a sentence. A comma can also be used after introductory words or phrases in a sentence.

Exclamation Mark – This is generally used in a sentence or phrase to express very strong feelings. They are used to show shock, surprise or dismay.

Colon – A colon is used to introduce a list. An example of its usage is "We plan to visit the following countries: Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines."

Apostrophe – This is used to indicate a missing letter or a word that is used in contraction. Such words are "She's, It's, Don't, Doesn't and others." It is also used to show possession. An example of this is "You can borrow Eric's car."

These are just some examples of the common punctuation marks we use in writing. You can research more about the other punctuation marks in the internet.

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